holy shit. I can still win this weeks fantasy game. My opponent has Philadelphia’s QB and I have their TE but every TE yards are worth more than QB yards. So every pass to the TE puts me up on points. If Foles only throws to Ertz I can still win. I’m up by 2 points right now and started the game 1 point under. I can actually win this. Indianapolis has week TE defense and they’re trying to exploit it so I really have a legit chance right now. This is gonna be a close game.

That dude singing the national anthem at the game tonight killed it. If he got music, I might listen. It was something Kaufman

My mouth is super numb on the right side but I got my root canal. Gotta go back next Monday for a crown and I’m all set. I’m glad I stepped ahead of it and got the root canal done before the pain was unbearable. Maybe I’m an adult now who is proactive about things.

I’m numbed in the dentist office (at da dentist)

I don’t mix with anybody who thinks they have to find themselves

Sooooo this fantasy week is extremely close and is weird as hell overall. We both have starters who scored 0 points. My quarterback’s ankle exploded. My defense is and kicker are my highest scoring players. It comes down to tomorrow’s game where both our last players are gonna decide it. I have Philly’s TE and he has their QB. So obviously there’s no way the TE can score without the QB getting points so I pretty much have no hope in winning this one unless Nick Foles gets hurt and the backup throws to Zach Ertz a lot. Anything can happen but I probably lost this one too.

A brief history of what age and why my relationships ended

14 - I break up with my first girlfriend because I got grounded and thought it was only fair to break up with her since I couldn’t go see her on the weekends any more. Did it in person instead of over the phone and she said I should have done it over the phone. - don’t know how long we dated because my perception of time wasn’t even developed yet.

15 - My second girlfriend broke up with me because she found out I was lying about being 17 and she was 22. Wrote me a long ass letter on how she didn’t feel comfortable having such strong feelings about a 15 year old. Lasted a few months, maybe 4.

18 - My third girlfriend I broke up with because I felt I couldn’t make her happy and was entirely too focused on the negatives of our relationship. My first “serious” relationship” - lasted just under 2 years.

18 - Kind of just died down after a while and we stopped hanging out. Not sure if it was a fuck buddy but was a real sexual liberation. - lasted maybe 6 months

19 - I broke up with her so I could get with the next chick because I felt it was wrong to cheat on somebody and I reeaally wanted to get into the next chick’s pants. She had a kid too. Never met him tho. - lasted 3 months max

19 - She was busy with finals and couldn’t see me for like 2 weeks and I got frustrated and ended it. She was so fucking hot tho. - lasted about 9 months

Enter the age of self discovery and single for a year

22 -  She left because she found a chat log of me talking to my female best friend not so positively about her but they were just jokes. My only really really serious live together almost adult relationship. Was best friends for most of it. - lasted 2.5 years

Now - Was in an off and on thing for 8 months but they’re in Mexico for 2 months sooo…?

2cc48a the last one is what 2cc48a shows up as in illustrator but it looks blue soo…

I’m really confused right now so I’m going to write it out and reread it for confirmation of my confusion.
Met a woman. She gives me her number. Text for like 2 weeks. Nothing even remotely sexual. Just regular getting to know each other. Without provocation she invites me over to her house to play vidya gaymes. Set a time. Texting all day. Hop on train. 30min train ride. Get to stop by her house. She stops responding. Wait 20 mins. Text I hope she’s okay and I’m heading home. Hop back on train to go home. Get out of train. Get home. Take shower. Get out of shower. 6 missed calls. 3 new voice mails. 12 texts saying she was sorry. In the texts, first she says her phone died. Then texts saying she fell asleep. Call her back and say it’s okay I guess but it’s awkward as hell and we can try again tomorrow if I get done what I got to get done early enough. Say I’m not going back out because it’s pouring rain. She’s not really responding and pretty much making it sound like she doesn’t wanna see me like I did something wrong. So I leave it at I’ll text her later and maybe see her tomorrow.

Sooooo…. am I missing something? Like I’m ready to just say fuck it and block the number. Wasted my time either on purpose or by accident but somehow I did something wrong.

deadlifts-and-donuts basically a lot of women expect most guys to want to have sex with them and pursue sex with them from the instant they meet. I, however, do not do this. It’s worse on the internet but real life too doe. It’s subtle societal structure.

Being a normal guy not driven by thirst and lust is tough. There’s so many subtle expectations with women whether you approach them as a friend or romantically that I jus got don’t do it excuse I’m not thirsty as fuck. A lot of women many not realize it but they have come to expect and appreciate subconsciously even if they conscious dislike it.

Hey look, it’s Broadway Junction

Zip it up


and zip it OUT

zippidy doo dah. bye bye


my conscience: “don’t post your ass on the dash”


all of it

General Character Judgement Rule

If they felt bad for Jesse Pinkman at any point during Breaking Bad do not trust them. They are easily manipulated and have a soft conscious for reckless activity. Everything that happened to him was his fault and should not be sympathized.